• Client Forms

    These forms are provided for your convenience.

    The adult intake form is a word document so you may download the form, fill it out, print it and bring it in with you to your first appointment.

    The adolescent/child intake form is a pdf file so you will not be able to fill it out on a computer. You may download it, print it, and then fill it out by hand.

    There are two relationship counseling intake forms. Both forms are word documents so you may download the forms, fill them out, print them, and bring them in with you to your first appointment.

    If you have any questions regarding these forms, please do not hesitate to call us at 703-537-6311 or email your question to [email protected]

    We look forward to seeing you. If you are coming to the Reston office, there is free garage parking. The office is located on the 2nd floor. There is administrative staff at the front desk until 5:30 pm. Just let them know you have an appointment at Center for Life Strategies and they will let us know you are here. If your appointment is for 6:00 pm please have a seat in the waiting area. We will be expecting you and will come out to get you. You can also text 703-437-6311 to let us know you have arrived. The elevators stop running to the 2nd floor at 6:00 pm without a key card. If you have an appointment and arrive after 6:00 pm, please text 703-437-6311 and we will meet you in the building lobby with a key card to bring you up to the 2nd floor.


    Child-Adolescent Intake Form-1 copy.pdf
    Adult Intake Form.doc
    Relationship Intake Form 1.doc
    Relationship Intake Form 2.doc
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