• Family Counseling

    Does your family:

    • Have frequent arguments between parents and children
    • Have frequent arguments between siblings
    • Have a family member who is seriously ill

    Do you as parents:

    • Disagree on issues pertaining to your children
    • Find that you and your spouse frequently argue
    • Feel your children are constantly acting out
    • Feel frustrated and overwhelmed

    Are you looking for:

    • Information
    • Understanding
    • Specific strategies and tools to make family life more harmonious

    Take action now to get the professional help you need. Call 703-437-6311 or send an email to [email protected] and schedule a Free Consultation with Dr. Linda Ritchie, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Family therapy operates on the premise that all members of a family are impacted by other family member’s experiences. Family conflicts are caused by any number of problems such as divorce, employment problems, teenage rebellion, or illness that create stress and conflict between family members. In family therapy, family members work together to resolve problems.

    Typically family therapy will bring the entire family together in therapy sessions. However, it may be that individuals in the family also see the therapist alone. There may also be times when individuals who are not a member of the family (such as a teacher or school counselor) participate in a therapy session with the family if their participation would be of benefit to the family.

    A family therapist can help your family learn how to better solve problems and how to better express thoughts and feelings. In family therapy, family members will learn about family roles and rules. Family members will examine behavior patters and learn to identify issues that cause conflict. Family therapy helps all members of the family understand each other and improve the way they interact with one another. It helps the family to better resolve conflicts that arise.

    To learn more about how we can work together to improve your family’s functioning, call or text 703-437-6311 or email us at [email protected] When you contact us, we will schedule a Free 30 minute consultation with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in person or by telephone where we can discuss your needs and how our services may benefit you.