• Professional Coaching Services

    Time management, career and business advancement.

    • Do you want to get more out of your life?
    • Do you feel you are capable of achieving more than your current situation allows?
    • Are you reaching your full potential?
    • Do others appreciate the contributions you make?
    • Do your ideas and suggestions go unrecognized?
    • Are you held back by your circumstances?
    • Do you want to create new possibilities in your life?
    • Have you considered working with a trained professional to help you solve a particular problem?

    Coaching can provide you with the opportunity to discuss problems and issues with a trained professional who is able to view situations with an objective eye and act as a mentor, consultant, and sounding board. A coach will help you set and reach your desired goals using a multitude of techniques such as mentoring, values assessment, behavior modification, behavior modeling, goal-setting. Coaching focuses on your strengths as an individual and involves teaching, problem-solving and numerous other techniques tailored specifically to you to assist you in achieving your desired goal.

    A coach will work to help you determine and achieve personal goals. People work with coaches in order to achieve numerous goals such as: losing weight, changing jobs or careers, improving relationships, conquering a fear of public speaking, improving social skills with colleagues, or any number of other issues. The top three issues for which people seek coaching help are time management, career and business advancement.

    What is professional coaching and how does it differ from psychotherapy? Both a psychotherapist and a coach work with individuals to identify solutions to problems. A psychotherapist treats medically diagnosable psychological disorders. A coach works with psychologically healthy individuals who recognize the value in getting the support of a professional in order to help them identify and achieve specific goals.

    To reimburse for mental health counseling, most insurance plans require a diagnosable mental disorder. Many people who seek the services of a therapist do not have a diagnosable mental disorder. They simply have a challenge in life and want some help to resolve it. Professional coaching is not counseling or therapy.

    Working with a professional coach is a great tool if your want to take control of your life and take the next step toward success. Dr. Ritchie, Ph.D., provides professional coaching services at Center for Life Strategies.

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