• Substance Abuse Treatment

    • Do you or someone you know have a problem with alcohol or drugs?
    • Have you recently received a DUI?
    • Is drinking or drug use causing problems with your relationships?
    • Have you experienced problems at work because of an addiction?
    • Have you been court ordered to get professional counseling for an addiction?
    • Have you tried to stop an activity (watching too much TV, gambling, surfing the internet) but just can’t?
    • Do you have feelings of boredom, sadness, stress, and loneliness that you have difficulty dealing with?
    • Are you just plain tired of living like this?

    Many people attempt to avoid painful issues by taking pills, powders, or liquids and then waiting for the desired effect – an alteration of their consciousness. There are more positive ways to alter consciousness without turning to alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex, television, work, or any other activity that when used to excess, has a destructive impact on your life. Learning to change your mood by healthier more active methods involves some effort and motivation on your part but recovery from addiction is possible.

    There is hope. There is life beyond the pain. Get the professional help you need now. Call 703-437-6311 to schedule a Free consultation with an experienced therapist who can discuss treatment approaches and options. You may also email us at [email protected]. If you email please include your telephone number and the best time of day to contact you.