• FAQs

    What days and hours do you see clients?

    Appointments are typically scheduled between noon and 7:00 pm Tuesday -Friday.  Other appointment times may be available.

    Do you offer virtual therapy?

    Yes.  I see most clients in person but virtual appointments are an option.

    What is the cancelation policy?

     I require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment.  I can only see a limited number of clients each day.  If you cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, it is then possible for another client to be seen.  If you cancel or reschedule an appointment with less than 48 hours notice, there is a $100 late cancelation fee.  Exceptions are always made for emergencies such as illness.  Please DO reschedule your appointment if you are ill.

    Do you accept insurance?

    I am an out of network provider with all insurance companies.  I will provide you with a receipt that contains all the required information so that you can file with your insurance for reimbursement.  

    If you have TRICARE Insurance then see the FAQ about TRICARE.

    Can you tell me how much money my insurance will reimburse for your services?

    The amount you will receive will depend upon the specific insurance plan that you have.  I recommend you ask the following questions of your insurance company to determine the reimbursement rate.

    1.   Do I have out of network benefits?

           If you do not have out of network benefits then you will probably not be reimbursed.

    2.    Do I have a deductible for my out of network benefits?  If so, how much and how much has been met to date.

         Typically your deductible must be met before the insurance company will pay.

    3.   What percentage of the fee for CPT Code 90791 (first visit) and 90837 (subsequent visits) will the insurance pay?

         Typically insurance companies will pay a percentage of what they consider to be the usual and customary charge.  Your insurance company should be able to tell you what this amount is.  It varies depending on your insurance company and your specific plan.

    Do you accept Tricare insurance?

    I am a “Non-Participating Provider” for Tricare.  I will file a claim with Tricare for you and Tricare will pay me directly minus your co-pay or co-insurance.  As a Non-Participating Provider, I charge 15% more than the Tricare approved amount.  That amount will be your responsibility.  If you have Tricare Prime, you will need a referral for me specifically; otherwise, Tricare will pay at the Point of Service Rate.  If you have Tricare Select, you do not need a referral for Tricare to pay.

    What is your fee?

    The fee depends upon the service provided and the length of the session. Therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes($225) or 90 minutes ($390) .

    A Smoking Cessation sessions is a completely unique process.  See the page on this site for more information about that process.

    Package pricing may be available for coaching services and other programs and may be offered at a discounted rate.

    What forms of payment do you take?

    All major credit cards, checks, cash, and health benefit savings plans cards.

    Is parking readily available at your office?

    Yes, there is FREE parking.  The parking garage is located to the left of bldg. 11710 in Plaza America.  When you enter the parking garage, turn right, go down a slight incline and see the sign for the elevator.  There is typically ample parking available.  Park near the elevator and take it up to the 2nd floor where my office is located.  When you exit the elevator, you will see a receptionist.  Let the receptionist know you are there to see me and she will notify me you have arrived.

    Do you see children and adolescents?

    I primarily work with adults.  I do not work with children.  I work with adolescents only when it is a good fit for them based on my unique skill set and what they need help with.  

    Do you do psychological / neuropsychological evaluations and testing?

     I work collaboratively with a neuropsychologist who is able to do all psychological and neuropsychological evaluations and testing for all ages.  Call, text or email for additional information.