• Celebrate Health and Wellness

    10 Tips For Achieving Health Mentally, Physically and Emotionally 

    Everyone looks to the new year as a new beginning. It is an amazing phenomenon we all cherish, in one way or another. Nearly everyone thinks of the past and all the wonderful things they did, and the things they would like to change or do better. Here are some tips to help you make a difference in 2017, and beyond.

    Enjoy Healthy Eating

    Find a good food program
    Learn how much protein you need
    Make sure you get protein in breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Focus On Solutions Not the Problems

    Each obstacle is an opportunity
    Create a mindset and you will find a solution
    The brain will produce a solution when asked

    Make Time For Relationships

    More Quality time with partner
    Try something new, like a class or exploring a new part of town
    Remember your friendships and family members

    Remember To Laugh

    Enjoy life by dancing and laughing with friends
    Watch a funny TV show and listen to happy music
    Notice what’s around you a sunrise, a sunset, a rose.

    Avoid Taking It Personally

    Avoid lashing back at someone
    Most people are focused on themselves
    Most of the time it isn’t even about you change the subject

    Learn Self-Discipline

    Emphasize working through the challenge
    Create time management in your life
    Focus on your self-talk keep positive

    Let Go Of Jealousy and Judgment

    Negative energy creates more negative energy
    They are incredibly destructive
    Practice evaluating what the cause is and release it

    Choose a Purpose

    Take a daily step toward it
    Become mindful which is full body-and-mind awareness of the present moment

    Decide What Makes You Feel Good

    Create an attitude of gratitude
    Build a positive emotional bank account
    Happiness is contagious
    Strengthen your faith

    Have a Hobby

    It is a great way to spend free time
    You will learn new things
    Have new experiences
    You can meet new people
    Have fun
    You can express your creativity
    You will have something to look forward to

    Self-discipline can be considered a type of selective training, creating new habits of thought, action and speech toward improving yourself and reaching goals. Self-discipline can also be task oriented and selective. View self-discipline as a positive effort rather than one of denial.

    If you need assistance in creating mental, physical and emotional health in your life, consider working with a therapist trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It is a proven type of therapy that focuses on helping people change their behavior and thoughts to positively affect their mental, physical and emotional health.

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